Presidency ends estimated Billing and directs national metering

Nigerian President Mohammad Buhari has ended the estimated billing sent by power companies to consumers across the country.

Buhari led a nationwide mass metering which signaled the end of estimated billing, also approved a one-year waiver of the import tax on electricity meters so that Nigerians who do not no meters can be supplied as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.

In a statement from the presidency social media handle, it read;

The Federal Government is working to ensure that DisCos commit to increasing the number of hours of electricity supply per day, and quality of service. A mass metering program is underway, and President @MBuhari remains committed to the protection of poor & vulnerable Nigerians.
President @MBuhari has approved a one-year waiver of Import Levy on electricity meters, so that Nigerians who do not have meters can be supplied as early as possible at reasonable cost.President @MBuhari ends estimated Billing; directs nationwide mass metering

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