U.S stocks climbs high and dollar drops

Most US stocks has risen alongside stocks in Europe and Asia amid new stimulus spurts and positive economic signals as coronavirus blockages eased. The dollar fell for the fourth consecutive day.

  The S&P 500 Index rose, with two stocks winning for each which fell. Tech stocks have lagged, with declines for Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. Gunmakers prolonged rallies following President Donald Trump’s promise to deploy large numbers of troops if cities and states fail to act not to contain the violence of demonstrations against police brutality.

Inventories are hovering near their highest level in three months, as companies reopen worldwide and manufacturing gauges show that economies are stabilizing after the coronavirus shutdown. And this despite a multitude of risks still looming on the horizon, including tense relations between the United States and China that could jeopardize a hard-won trade agreement. The sometimes violent protests in American cities over the police murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, are not yet seen as a major drag on the economy and corporate profits.

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