Magistrate expresses how daughter escaped from kidnappers by shouting the name of Jesus

One of the kidnappers of the daughter of a Rivers State magistrate was arrested and the magistrate said how his daughter escaped from the kidnappers.

  The 22-year-old kidnapper, Gift Taise, was arrested and charged with involvement in the recent armed robbery and the abduction of a magistrate’s daughter.

  He was arrested by officers from the Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Response Team, IRT.

  However, while the kidnappers were still negotiating the ransom with the victim’s family, she managed to escape from the kidnappers’ hideout.

  It was established that IRT agents deployed in Rivers State were contacted after the victim’s escape and a manhunt was launched on the suspects. The source revealed that Taise could not run far due to isolation in Rivers State and he was arrested at his home. He is now helping the officers apprehend other members of his gang.

  Recounting how this happened, the magistrate told police that about three gunmen entered his house through the roof at the rear around 3 a.m. Three of them, armed with rifles, ordered him and his family to lie face down. They then blindfolded them and tied their hands and legs.

  Then they took their time to loot the house of all valuables, including electronics, mobile devices, money, clothes and shoes.

  On the second day, they contacted him and demanded a ransom of 10 million naira. They began to negotiate, and the kidnappers who refused to accept the amount offered died, promising to call back the next day. Fortunately, her daughter escaped and ran to her house.

  On how she managed to escape, the magistrate told the police that her daughter was menstruating at the time of her abduction. She cried, begging her captors to help her get a pain reliever for the pain she was feeling, so they offered to buy her a bottle of Chelsea hot drink.

  One of the kidnappers volunteered to go to town and buy it and when he lost a lot of time, the second person decided to go see him.

  The only one left to look after her, after waiting another 30 minutes, also decided to check on the others.

  When she felt that she was alone in the forest, she started to shout and when no one heard her, she started to pray and shout the name of Jesus. She promised herself that after shouting the name of Jesus about 100 times, she would try to escape.

  After a few minutes, she broke away and started to return to the road, where a good Samaritan brought her transport home. She told her father that she was detained in the Rukpokwu forest in the local government of Obi Akpor.

  Regarding his alleged role, suspect Tasie, from the Emohua local government in Rivers State, said that his responsibility on the day of the attack was simply to watch the area while the other gang members entered the house.

  He said, “I am an orphan, so I dropped out of school when my parents died. It was because I needed to survive that made me join a bad gang led by an Ihekazi Igwe. He started by introducing me to their cult group known as the Icelandic.

  “When I called them the next day, they told me that they had asked the family to pay 4 million naira. I was waiting to be called to get my share when Ihekazi called and told me that “she had run away. I wanted to use my share to start a business” I’m sorry, it was poverty that led me to crime. “

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