Lanre Gentry says he’s not remarried, still part of Mercy Aigbe


Lanre Gentry, the separated husband of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, debunked the online patrol report that he married another woman simply identified as @fab_mrsgentry after sharing her photo on social media.

  Gentry in an interview with Saturday Beats noted that the woman in question was his brother’s wife and not his new wife, which many believe.

This is what he said;

“Who said that I have a new wife? A lot of people just make assumptions based on my Instagram posts. The lady that I referred to as my wife is my younger brother’s wife. She lives in London with her family. I called her my wife because she’s my brother’s wife. People didn’t read my post very well. I wouldn’t tell my supposed wife to greet her family.”
“I don’t know why some Nigerians are quick to jump to conclusions when they see innocent and harmless posts online. Mercy Aigbe knows the lady I celebrated very well. This is not the first time that people have speculated that I’ve married another woman based on social media posts. It seems a lot of people are just obsessed with marriage for me. I’m a Yoruba man and if I want to marry another wife, I would do that.”
Gentry also claimed that he still has a good relationship with Aigbe. He added, “I and Mercy are not fighting. If I want to see her, I would call her and if she needs anything, she also calls me. We have a good rapport. God has the final say over our relationship and He knows how it would turn out in the future. I take care of my children. I can’t speak for other fathers but I carry out my responsibilities as a man. I still see Mercy as a part of me. It’s only a mentally unstable man that would leave a woman with children to go and fend for herself. I pay my children’s school fees diligently and I thank God that their mother is also taking good care of them. It’s not easy for a woman to work and also take care of the children.”

He also offered his hotel to the government as an isolation center to combat the COVID-19.

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