Blessing Okoro advises women to use men as a ladder to achieve their goals

The Nigerian blogger Blessing Okoro advised women to use a man as a ladder that they will climb to their destination in life.

According to Blessing, the women who stay with a ladder are not intelligent because sometimes they fall with the ladder.

  Speaking in a viral video, she also objected to the idea that women rely on sex as a tool to chart their course in life. According to her, everyone can make love.

She said this only a few weeks after she started sleeping with men to earn a living.

She said;

“I’m gonna ask you again. Sex is something everybody can give. 16-year olds, 15-year olds, 14-year olds, under-aged children thee days can give ex.
What can you give apart from sex? Ask yourself that question as a woman. What is that thing I can give to people apart from sex? Most of you don’t think, most of you don’t reason, most of you don’t have a subconscious. Find out that thing you can give to people apart from sex.
As a woman, men are the ladders. A man is that ladder you are going to use to climb to your destination. Some of you will climb with the ladder. Some of you will stay with the ladder. Some of you will let the ladder fall on top of your head. But the mart women will climb with the ladder.”

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