37-year-old man sentenced to death in Singapore for being involved in Zoom call

A man has been sentenced to death in a video call from Zoom for the first time in the country where such a decision has been successfully delivered.

  School documents on Wednesday revealed that Punithan Genasan, a 37-year-old Malaysian, was found guilty on Friday for his role in the heroin trade in 2011, and that the country had a strong case to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

  A spokesman for the Singapore Supreme Court said in a response to Reuters’ comments, citing restrictions on the authority to reduce this spread. of the virus.

  It is the first criminal case where a death sentence has been announced from a fence in Singapore, the spokesman added.

  Genasan’s attorney, Peter Fernando, said his client had received a judge’s verdict in a Zoom call and was considering a petition.

  Although authorities have criticized the use of Zoom in legal cases around the world, Fernando said he refused to use video conferencing for Friday’s call because he only received a judge’s decision without dispute over another legal issue.

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