Stop demonizing Buhari over insecurity – Senator Shettima

Former governor of Borno state, Senator Kashim Shettima told Nigerians to stop demonizing President Buhari because of growing insecurity across the country.

Speaking to reporters after the National Assembly plenary session on Thursday, February 13, Shettima said the grandstand, playing at the gallery, pouring venom on the presidency will not solve the problem.

He also recalled how President Buhari strategically placed the Northeast region through the creation of the Northeast Development Commission and the discovery of oil. The senator said; “Let us make sure that the challenges we face as a nation and as a people are quickly met, and it is not beyond us to resolve these challenges.” I very frankly believe that this platform, playing on the platform, pouring venom on the presidency will not solve the problem. “We can’t just demonize Buhari, Buhari did his best, and we had a break between 2015 and 2017, before we had this recent relapse. “So how to find a solution to our problem is more important than demonizing anyone, and we shouldn’t be suffering from memory amnesia, Buhari has done more than enough for the Northeast.”

The Chief of the Defense Staff is not from Delta, nor is he from Akwa Ibom, the Chief of the Defense Staff is from Borno, the National Security is from Borno, the Chief of Air Staff from Bauchi, all from the northeast. “Buhari was instrumental in creating the Northeast Development Commission, and now we have bills, motions from all parts of the country waving for their own commissions.” It is under his tutelage that oil, millions of barrels of oil have been discovered in the Northeast, Bauchi, so we have to give it, to place our people in strategic positions to find solutions to our common challenges. “Senator Kasshim added that the fight against the insurgency is a collective responsibility as he called for the adoption of a holistic approach encompassing military, economic, social and political aspects in the war on terror.

He said; “The fight against insurgency is a collective responsibility for all of us; it is a complex, complex and nested challenge, and it is not something you can only solve through the military option. “We need to take a holistic approach encompassing military, economic, social and political aspects; under the chaos of Boko Haram, under barbarism hides the real cause, which is extreme poverty. “In the Lake Chad region, there is an incestuous relationship between the economy, ecology and climate change and the most relevant aspect apart from desecration, is the shrinking of Lake Chad from 25,000 to less than 2,000 km2. “We have challenges of population growth, and by 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous nation in the world to surpass the United States.”

There will be 440 million Nigerians by 2050. I may not be there, I’m already 52, but you’re going to be there. The most relevant aspect of these statistics is that by 2050, 70% of Nigerians will live in the north. “With desertification, deforestation, endemic poverty, omnipresent illiteracy, this is a recipe for disaster.
“Unless we wear our heads of thought as leaders, unless we merge into one force and put in place robust platforms to turn expected demographic hope into demographic dividends, it will be the demographic catastrophe that will consume us all. ”This is why I want to appeal to you, let’s work as a team, work as a family, because the Nigeria we have now, sorry if it’s to implode, where are we going? “On President Buhari being booed in Maiduguri during a condolence visit on Wednesday, February 12, Shettima said that people’s expectations were” exaggerated “.

According to him, many thought that Buhari had a” magic wand “. Shettima said: “The people of Borno love Buhari, maybe their expectations were exaggerated. People thought he had a magic wand, he doesn’t have one, I think it’s a temporary hiccup, “he said.” The people of Borno, the people of the northeast still love Buhari with passion.

Without the cooperation of the people of Borno, the civilian FAITH could not have come into being. “The people and the government of Borno are fully behind the president, fully supporting our security establishment which has lost its life while serving the nation.

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