As long as am president Gay marriage will never happen – President Putin

President Vladimir Putin has excluded the legalization of same-sex marriage in Russia. Speaking Thursday at the Kremlin, where he met with a state commission to discuss changes to the Russian constitution, the 67-year-old spoke out against the idea that the traditional concept of mother and father being “overturned” “by what he called” parent number 1 “. and “parent number 2”. “As for” parent number 1 “and” parent number 2 “, I have already spoken about it publicly and I repeat: as long as I am president, this will not happen. There will be dad and mom” said Putin.

Last month, Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister and the entire Russian government resigned after President Vladimir Putin proposed a constitutional reform that would allow him to remain in power indefinitely.

While addressing his parliament at the time, Putin proposed a referendum on amending the Russian constitution to increase the powers of parliament while maintaining a strong presidential system. “I believe that it is necessary to proceed to a vote of the citizens of the country on a whole set of proposed amendments to the constitution of the country,” said Mr Putin.

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