Pep Guardiola says he is not the best manager in the world

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has acknowledged that he no longer holds the label of “the best coach in the world”, suggesting that there are more coaches than he is in world football.

Guardiola has won numerous trophies while taking on Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

He has won eight league titles in Spain, Germany and England, as well as raising the Champions League twice in Barcelona with his “tiki-taka” style of play, praised by analysts and football fans.

But Guardiola destined to miss the EPL title this season with Liverpool, heavy favorites, believes he is still capable of securing silverware because he manages a team as good as Manchester City, suggesting he will not win if he failed to win one. good team.

When suggested to him to be the best manager in the world, Guardiola told Sky Sports: “I was,” before taking a step back to say he never thought of himself so great.

“I was, who is the best coach in the world?” He added. “I have never felt that I am the best, never in my life.

“When I won six titles in a row in Barcelona and won three times, I never felt that. I won because I had great players at big clubs.

“There are incredible managers, they don’t have these players, they don’t have these big clubs. I’m a good manager, but not the best.

“Give me a team that is not like Manchester City, I will not win.”

Guardiola also welcomed Liverpool as the best team on the planet. saying that Jurgen Klopp planned his success after becoming the club’s manager in 2015.

“Liverpool spent four or five years to win their first trophy last season,” he added.

“It was a trial. New players, investments, more and more, and after getting them, they are the best team in the world right now.

“Sometimes people think that if you’re Pep, Jurgen, or another big name, you have to win all the titles every season with 2000 points and 2000 million goals.

“Sometimes it’s not possible, sometimes because of the opposition, sometimes you can’t do it. Not all the time, in any sport, a team has won everything in every season. “

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