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DARL Store

About Us

Welcome to our online store dedicated to selling the best construction toys. This store was created to suit the use of all customers around the world and anywhere. All you have to do is browse our products and choose the appropriate product, and one of our employees will contact you to determine the date of receipt. How is the purchase process? When you browse our store and choose your favorite product, you add it to the cart to order. You write the detailed address of the place where the product will reach. One of our employees will contact you to set a date for receiving the product and will tell you if you want to choose to pay when receiving the product or pay online through the store using a physical card.

Featured Products

Our Story

Initially, this online store was a project to create a group of university youth to be a global platform that customers from all over the world reach and provide many products, and of course this idea was liked by many customers and they asked us to improve some services and add other new services, which has already been established.

Delivery & Returns

How is the product return or exchange process? If you check your product upon receipt and find any changes in the condition of the product in the store, or if the product has damage or a product other than the one you ordered, all you have to do is contact us and our representative will determine the appropriate time with you to receive the product

Contact Us

You can easily contact us through our phone number or through e-mail
Our address
5th Ave, NY, 10001, USA
Open hours
Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM